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D16 Group Nepheton 2: Recreating the Classic Drum Machine with Modern Twists

D16 Group's Nepheton 2 is a software drum machine that captures the essence of the legendary Roland TR-808, a cornerstone of electronic music production for decades. But Nepheton 2 goes beyond simple emulation, offering a feature set that enhances the classic sound for modern music creation.

Authenticity Meets Flexibility:

Unlike sample-based emulations, Nepheton 2 utilizes synthesis to recreate the iconic 808 sounds. This approach allows for more nuanced control over the sonic character of each drum. You can tweak the attack, decay, and sustain of kicks, snares, hats, and other percussion elements to achieve the perfect punch or subtle variations.

Beyond the Basics:

Nepheton 2 expands on the original 808's capabilities by offering 17 fully-synthesized instruments. This opens up a wider sonic palette, allowing you to craft unique drum kits that blend the classic 808 sound with modern electronic elements.

Sculpting Your Sound:

Ditch the limitations of a single mix. Nepheton 2 boasts up to 17 individual outputs, giving you complete control over routing each drum sound to separate channels in your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). This allows for independent processing and effects on each element, ensuring your drums sit perfectly within your mix.

Built-in Inspiration Station:

Nepheton 2 features an internal pattern sequencer for crafting rhythmic ideas. With 96 simple and 16 extended patterns, you have a solid foundation to build upon. Plus, the handy randomizer function throws unexpected variations your way, sparking new creative directions.

Modern Workflow Integration:

Nepheton 2 integrates seamlessly with your DAW of choice. Mute/solo functionality for each instrument allows for focused editing, while MIDI mapping capabilities make it easy to trigger sounds from external controllers or drum pads.

Who is Nepheton 2 For?

Whether you're a producer seeking the timeless thump of the 808 or an electronic musician looking for a versatile drum synth with a classic foundation, Nepheton 2 delivers. Its ability to capture the essence of the original while offering modern production flexibility makes it a valuable tool for a wide range of music creators.

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Version 2.0.2
Interface Language English
Activation (RG) K'ed by MORiA
Published (Modified): 2024-05-03 Views: 163


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Version 2.0.2
Interface Language English
Activation (RG) K'ed by MORiA
Published (Modified): 2024-05-03 Views: 163