Plugin Alliance AMEK Bundle

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Unleash the Legendary AMEK Sound with Plugin Alliance

Inject warmth, clarity, and character into your mixes with the Plugin Alliance AMEK Bundle. This collection of meticulously crafted emulations captures the essence of iconic AMEK studio hardware, revered by audio professionals for decades.

What's Included:

  • AMEK EQ 200: The gold standard for transparent and precise mastering-grade EQ. Sculpt your sound with surgical accuracy while retaining its natural detail.

  • AMEK EQ 250: The digital descendant of the renowned Sontec EQ, offering a versatile toolset for shaping your mix with classic analog mojo.

  • AMEK Mastering Compressor: Tame dynamics with unparalleled control. This emulation faithfully reproduces the sought-after sonic characteristics of the original hardware, adding subtle warmth and glue to your tracks.

Go beyond individual plugins with the AMEK Bundle's additional features:

  • Brainworx's TMT (Tolerance Modeling Technology): Experience the nuanced behavior of analog circuits, adding a touch of real-world character to your digital workflow.

  • A comprehensive preset library: Get started quickly and explore a range of sonic possibilities crafted by professional mixing engineers.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface: Focus on your creativity with a clear layout that puts all essential controls at your fingertips.

Whether you're a seasoned mixing veteran or just starting your sonic journey, the AMEK Bundle empowers you to achieve professional-grade results. Breathe new life into your mixes, add a touch of classic analog warmth, and experience the legendary sound of AMEK with Plugin Alliance.

Key benefits:

  • Legendary AMEK sound: Capture the essence of revered studio hardware.

  • Unparalleled precision and control: Shape your sound with surgical accuracy.

  • Analog warmth and character: Add a touch of magic to your mixes.

  • Modern workflow: Enjoy a user-friendly interface and powerful features.

Elevate your mixing game with the Plugin Alliance AMEK Bundle. Explore the sonic possibilities and discover the power of legendary analog sound within your DAW.

Supported Operation System
• macOS 10.14 or later
• Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor


• AMEK EQ 200 v1.4.1
• AMEK EQ 250 v1.1.1
• AMEK Mastering Compressor v1.1.1
• Brainworx bx_console AMEK 200 v1.0.0
• Brainworx bx_console AMEK 9099 v1.3.1


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