Plugin Alliance Dmitry Sches Thorn

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Unleash Searing Sonic Potential with Plugin Alliance's Dmitry Sches Thorn

Thorn, a software synthesizer by Dmitry Sches and distributed by Plugin Alliance, is a powerful tool designed to ignite your creativity in modern electronic music production. It strikes a perfect balance between user-friendliness and exceptional sonic control, making it ideal for producers of all experience levels.

Sculpting Sound with Spectral Mastery

At the heart of Thorn lies its innovative spectral synthesis engine. This method empowers you to directly manipulate the harmonics that shape your timbre. Three harmonic oscillators combined with a dedicated harmonic filter provide a comprehensive toolset for crafting a vast array of cutting-edge sounds.

Analog-Inspired Filters for Precision Shaping

Thorn boasts two analog-modeled multi-mode filters, each equipped with a zero-delay feedback path. These filters allow you to meticulously sculpt your tones, ensuring they sit perfectly within your mix. Additionally, extensive modulation capabilities let you breathe life into your sounds by dynamically modifying any parameter.

Effects Galore to Polish and Refine

Thorn comes loaded with a treasure trove of nine high-quality effects. These effects provide the finishing touches you need to polish your sounds and imbue them with character. From subtle modulation to in-your-face distortion, Thorn offers everything you need to bring your sonic vision to life.

Spark Creativity with the Glitch Sequencer

For those seeking a unique sonic edge, Thorn's built-in glitch sequencer offers a world of possibilities. This innovative feature lets you introduce unpredictable rhythmic variations and stutters, adding a dose of controlled chaos to your productions.

Beyond the Basics: A Sound Designer's Dream

Thorn doesn't just excel at crafting pristine sounds. Its powerful engine and versatile features make it a haven for sound designers. The inclusion of a noise oscillator with WAV sample playback opens doors for the creation of otherworldly textures and impacts.

Effortless Workflow, Exceptional Results

Dmitry Sches designed Thorn with intuitive use in mind. The user interface is clear and uncluttered, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: unleashing your creativity. Paired with the meticulously crafted sound library of over 600 presets, Thorn offers a launchpad for immediate sonic exploration.

In Conclusion

Plugin Alliance's Dmitry Sches Thorn is a remarkable software synthesizer that empowers electronic music producers to create forward-thinking sounds. Its unique blend of spectral synthesis, powerful filters, and versatile effects makes it a must-have for anyone seeking to push the boundaries of sonic exploration.

AAX Native, AU, AAX AudioSuite, VST2, VST3


Supported Operating Systems
MacOS 10.13 through 13.6


Intel, or Apple Silicon
Modern CPU with SSE3 support


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