Roland Cloud ZENOLOGY Pro Collection

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Unleash Legendary Sounds with the Roland Cloud ZENOLOGY Pro Collection

Dive into the rich sonic history of Roland with the ZENOLOGY Pro Collection, a powerful software instrument bundle that delivers the unmistakable character of iconic Roland synthesizers. This collection goes beyond simple emulation, capturing the essence of these legendary instruments and injecting them with modern capabilities for unparalleled sound design potential.

At the Heart: The ZEN-Core Synthesis System:

The ZENOLOGY Pro Collection is powered by Roland's ZEN-Core Synthesis System, a versatile sound engine that faithfully recreates the warmth and punch of classic analog synths alongside the cutting-edge textures of digital sound. This system provides the foundation for a massive sonic library and the flexibility to craft your own unique sounds.

A Treasure Trove of Timeless Tones:

The ZENOLOGY Pro Collection includes ZENOLOGY Pro, a software synthesizer that comes loaded with thousands of presets and drum kits, spanning a wide range of genres and musical styles. But the true magic lies in the five Model Expansions included in the collection:

  • JUNO-106: The unmistakable warmth and chorus effect of this beloved synth, perfect for lush pads, basses, and leads.

  • JUPITER-8: The rich, complex analog tones that defined a generation of music, ideal for soaring leads, pulsating basses, and shimmering pads.

  • JD-800: The versatile digital powerhouse known for its glassy textures, evolving soundscapes, and iconic pads.

  • JX-8P: The lush, layered sounds of this programmable polyphonic synth, perfect for evocative pads, strings, and arpeggios.

  • SH-101: The edgy, aggressive tones that fueled countless underground movements, ideal for searing leads, funky basses, and rhythmic stabs.

More Than Just Vintage Vibes:

The ZENOLOGY Pro Collection isn't just about nostalgia. Each Model Expansion extends the capabilities of its original hardware counterpart. You get increased polyphony, expanded parameters for deeper sound sculpting, a powerful arpeggiator for sparking inspiration, and a suite of onboard effects to polish your creations.

A Scalable Sonic Ecosystem

The ZENOLOGY Pro Collection integrates seamlessly with Roland Cloud, opening the door to a vast and ever-expanding library of additional Model Expansions, sound packs, and creative tools. This allows you to tailor your sonic palette to your specific needs and stay ahead of the curve with fresh inspiration.

Unleash Your Inner Sound Designer:

ZENOLOGY Pro offers an intuitive interface that makes crafting your own sounds a breeze. Whether you're a seasoned sound designer or just starting to explore synthesis, the collection empowers you to manipulate oscillators, filters, envelopes, and effects to create anything you can imagine.

The Sound of Legend Awaits:

The Roland Cloud ZENOLOGY Pro Collection is a treasure trove for music producers, composers, and sound designers seeking the unmistakable character of Roland's legendary synthesizers. It's a powerful platform for creating timeless sounds, exploring new sonic frontiers, and leaving your own sonic mark.

• macOS 10.11 or later
• Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor

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Version 2.0.2
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Published (Modified): 2024-04-30 Views: 806