Tone Empire BLACK Q V3

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Tone Empire Black Q v3: Shape Your Sound with a Powerful Tube EQ

Elevate your mixes with the rich, analog character of Tone Empire's Black Q v3. This versatile audio plugin is a four-band equalizer modeled after classic tube equalizers, known for their smooth response and ability to add warmth and depth to your sound.

Key Features of Black Q v3:

  • Four-band EQ: Sculpt your audio with precise control over low, low-mid, high-mid, and high frequencies.

  • Tube Saturation: Introduce subtle or bold analog-style saturation for a more vintage and harmonically complex sound. Two saturation modes provide versatility for different applications.

  • Expanded Band Ranges: With overlapping bands in v3, you can achieve more nuanced and specific shaping of your audio compared to the previous version.

  • Air Band: The dedicated air band allows you to enhance the high-frequency detail and breath in your recordings. The increased bandwidth in v3 makes this effect even more noticeable.

  • Stunning GUI: The intuitive interface makes it easy to dial in your desired sound with clear visuals and controls.

Who is Black Q v3 For?

Black Q v3 is a valuable tool for any audio producer, musician, or mixing engineer looking to:

  • Warm up vocals and instruments: Add richness and body to vocals, guitars, drums, and other instruments.

  • Enhance clarity and definition: Tame harshness or boost specific frequency ranges for a more polished sound.

  • Introduce subtle analog character: Breathe new life into digital recordings with the smooth and musical sound of tube processing.

  • Shape your overall mix: Use Black Q v3 as a mastering EQ to add final touches and glue your mix together.

Black Q v3: More Than Just an EQ

While it excels as an EQ, Black Q v3's gentle and musical tube saturation allows it to be used for more than just tonal shaping. You can introduce subtle harmonic enhancement, add weight and presence to instruments, or even create a more lo-fi aesthetic.

Upgrade Options and Availability

Black Q v3 is available for purchase on the Tone Empire website [Tone Empire Black Q v3]. If you already own Black Q v2, you can upgrade for free. Black Q v3 supports major DAWs on both macOS and Windows, including VST3, AU, and AAX formats.

Take your audio productions to the next level with the rich and versatile sound of Tone Empire's Black Q v3!

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Version 3.0
Interface Language English
Activation (RG) K'ed by MORiA
Published (Modified): 2024-05-10 Views: 161


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Version 3.0
Interface Language English
Activation (RG) K'ed by MORiA
Published (Modified): 2024-05-10 Views: 161