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The Colonists Securing a Promising Future on a Foreign Planet.

Explore, dwell, and flourish with The Colonists. Players of this attractive and strategic city-building game will have the opportunity to create a flourishing civilization on a faraway extraterrestrial planet. You'll face hurdles, set up complex networks, and establish a utopian society from scratch as you lead your robotic settlers through several eras of technological development.

Find Uncharted Territory:

The story of The Colonists begins with the arrival of a crew of hardworking robots on a mysterious extraterrestrial planet. Your mission is to help them settle into their new home and see to their safety. You can find development possibilities, useful materials, and hidden riches as you travel around the planet's many landscapes.

Evolution Across the Ages:

The game's timeline is broken up into many eras, each of which represents a significant advancement in technology. As time goes on, your colony develops a wider range of skills, from farming and building to sophisticated robots and space travel. Develop your city's infrastructure and conduct scientific research to see it grow from a little village into a thriving metropolis of the future.

Efficiency and Effective Resource Management:

Managing few resources is central to The Colonists. Collect resources, process them into finished products, and construct up intricate production chains to meet the needs and wants of your settlers. Your colony's development and success depend on your ability to manage resources effectively and optimize manufacturing lines.

Construct, organize, and sketch:

You, as the colony's leader, will be responsible for the planning and construction of the whole community. Build infrastructure such as streets, homes, businesses, and farms for your robotic inhabitants. The game's straightforward construction system lets you plan elaborate layouts and construct practical paths to meet the needs of your colonists.

Commerce and diplomacy:

On the extraterrestrial planet of The Colonists, you have company. Communicate with neighboring communities, engage in resource exchange, and forge diplomatic ties. There are advantages to working with nearby colonies, and there are risks and rewards to competing with them. Your social interactions will determine the development and trajectory of your colony.

Creative Libretto:

While forethought is essential, The Colonists also stresses the value of letting one's imagination run wild. You may arrange the buildings in your town as you choose, try out different manufacturing methods, and come up with creative answers to problems. The game's sandbox mode is an open playground for players to try out different strategies and ideas.

The appealing aesthetics and atmosphere of The Colonists come from the endearing robot settlers, beautiful settings, and endearing animations. The aesthetics of the game are warm and welcoming, adding to the player's sense of satisfaction as they see their town grow and prosper.

In conclusion:

The Colonists is a fun and satisfying game that combines elements of city-building, strategy, and exploration against the backdrop of a foreign planet. The game offers a calm and thought-provoking experience, perfect for anybody who likes seeing a town grow or is interested in complex resource management or design. Build a better world for your robotic colonists and make a statement about human inventiveness, collaboration, and development.


  • OS: OSX 10.10
  • Processor: 2x 6-Core Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz (Mac book pro circa 2016)
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM
  • Disk space: 1 GB
release date 2024-05-29
Activation (RG) DRM-FREE (no protection)
Tested macOS Ventura , MacBook Air (M1.2020)
Architecture x86 (64-bit)
Published (Modified): 2024-05-29 Views: 401
Published (modified): Yesterday, 14:44 Views: 491


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Release date 2024-05-29
Activation (RG) DRM-FREE (no protection)
Tested macOS Ventura , MacBook Air (M1.2020)
Architecture x86 (64-bit)
Published (Modified): 2024-05-29 Views: 401