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At WWDC 2022, Apple announced macOS 13 Ventura. Since the transition from Intel to Apple's own Silicon chip is now complete and the M2 chip has just come out, this new operating system for Mac will be limited to new devices. Unlike macOS Monterey, which supported many Macs, Apple has reduced this list. For example, everyone's favorite trashcan Mac Pro won't support macOS 13 Ventura.


In addition to the redesign of the interface, it has also acquired new features aimed at comfortable use of the operating system, gaming capabilities and enhanced interaction with branded smartphones.

One of the main visual innovations was the Stage Manager feature, designed to work with multiple application windows at the same time. It places the active window in the center of the display, and the background preview icons on the left side for quick navigation. The grouping function is also supported for opening multiple windows at the same time.


Updated and system search Spotlight. The corresponding shortcut appeared at the bottom of the home screen, and the algorithm itself learned to find images in the photo library, including by location, people, scenes, objects, or text included in the picture. You can now perform various actions from Spotlight, such as starting a timer or a shortcut.


Safari has a new Shared Tabs feature for collaboration. At the same time, the application received support for biometric keys as an alternative to traditional passwords. Currently, authorization using Touch ID and Face ID works on a limited number of sites that support this feature.


The operating system also allows users to "bounce" FaceTime calls between iPhone and Mac and allows Mac owners to use their iPhone as a webcam. The Continuity utility has received support for Apple Center Stage and Portrait Mode, as well as a new Studio Light feature that can illuminate the user's face and darken the background.


Apple also announced a new Metal 3 API, which, according to the company, will unlock the potential of proprietary processors. At the same time, the vendor announced the upcoming releases of Resident Evil Village, GRID Legends and No Man's Sky on the Mac platform. Finally, two applications from iOS appeared in macOS: "Weather" and "Clock". In general, the company continued to redesign the desktop OS towards proprietary mobile solutions.


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Version 13.5(22G74)
Supported Devices iMac 2017 or later , iMac Pro 2017 or later , MacBook Air 2018 or later , MacBook Pro 2017 or later , Mac Pro 2019 or later , Mac Studio 2022 or later , Mac mini 2018 or later , MacBook 2017 or later,
Architecture ARM , x86 (64-bit)
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